Eau Claire Cooperative Health Center (ECCHC) assistance programs are available for patients who need assistance obtaining medical services. Learn more about each of our assistance programs below.

ECCHC Good Samaritan Plan

The Good Samaritan Plan is a sliding fee scale payment plan to assist the uninsured with doctor visits, prescriptions, and labs. Clinical fees are based solely upon family size and income. No one is turned away because of their financial status. Come to one of our locations and fill out an application or call (803) 733-5969, extension 4120 or 4129

Outreach Program

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Outreach and Enrollment Assistance

Eau Claire Cooperative Health Center (ECCHC) has been designated as a Certified Application Counselor (CHC) Organization, which means we can help you understand the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”, also known as Obamacare) and assist you in applying for affordable health coverage.

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is an online tool, established under the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), where consumers can apply for, compare, and enroll in private health insurance plans. While consumers can still purchase insurance plans outside of The Marketplace, The Marketplace is the only program where consumers can see if they qualify for tax credits (to help pay monthly premiums) or cost-sharing reductions (to lower out-of-pocket costs, such as co-pays and deductibles).

What happens if I don’t have health coverage?

If you can afford health insurance but choose not to enroll, you must pay a fee or have a health coverage exemption. (The fee is sometimes called the "penalty," "fine," "individual responsibility payment," or "individual mandate.")

When can I apply for coverage?

You can take action as soon as November 1, 2017. If you want your health coverage to start January 1, 2017, you must enroll in a plan by December 15, 2017. Enrolling by this date will ensure you don’t have a break in coverage. You can change your plan selection any time during Open Enrollment, which ends December 15, 2017.

How will I know if I’m eligible?

If you need assistance with the application process, you can contact our Certified Application Counselors for more information at 803.754.0887.


Ryan White Part C Program

ECCHC's Ryan White Part C EIS Program focuses on early intervention services for men and women. You will receive comprehensive, compassionate, and confidential health care services to help treat and manage HIV/AIDS. 

Call (803) 799-8407 ext. 1930, 1932, or 1940 for an appointment within 24 hours. Open-access appointments available for established patients.